Seein’ Seattle

IMG_7918.JPGNike Slides ^^snapchat: lovesanchez ^^See what I’m saying about the view?LACE TOP, also here | SKIRT^^Silly how much we became obsessed with this^^I told him to wear this the day before and he didn’t listen.. we felt a little silly walking around matching in all white haPicMonkey Collage^^I personally hate gum so we weren’t able to leave our mark haha  ^^We found the aquarium to be quite underwhelming.. we were hurrying through because we scheduled a cruise tour but it took us about 20 minutes TOPS to get through the whole thing.. and we circled around more than once^^Does this scene remind you of Grey’s? All I thought about when I saw this  ^^Ugh these shishka berries.. how could you resist? Jon and I had to walk back to the hotel after.. we were foolish to think we could go all day in white on white 😉 
^^Experience Music Museum.. we loved this place! Neither of us are musically inclined but we had fun making fools of ourselves     

   So we spontaneously bought tickets out to Seattle last week and 6 days later we were out sightseeing! Seattle quickly became one of mine and Jon’s favorite cities. He had been before but he was younger and it was cold when he went so he wasn’t able to explore much so this trip we decided to make the most of it and got the city pass! I’m a big fan of these (purchased as well when I visited New York & Chicago) it’s one affordable price for a choice of the top attractions in the city! I know some people like to explore out on their own which I’m all for, getting lost and finding cool little shops/restaurants along the way is a great way to really get to know the city but when I’m in a time crunch seeing the big stuff is what I’m in for :) We lucked out with the weather. Seriously in heaven.. high 70’s with clear skies. What more can you ask for?

Favorites from the trip:

Kerry Park – Perfect view of the city, if I lived here I’d probably chill in one of the benches there alllll day
Ferris Wheel – Who doesn’t love ferris wheels? I was a little sick on the first trip up but afterwards I came to realize that it was another great view!
Uber – I know, I know this clearly is something everyone has probably used and isn’t just in Seattle but it was the first time we got to try it. It is sooo much more convenient than a taxi, cheaper (it feels like it is at least) and free rides for someone using your code? I’m in. Jon and I had a really good experience with every driver and it was always prompt! Literally every time we needed to go somewhere we’d look at each and be like “uber it?! :)”
Pike Place – DUH! Filled with seafood and flowers.. um YES. I love love love seafood and Seattle offered such a delicious variety of it. Also flowers, need I say more? One thing that was my absolute favorite part of that area was how everyone was walking around with gorgeous flower bouquets!
EMP Museum – Like I said in the pic below it neither of us are musically inclined but they had  so many instruments there that you could play with. Jon and I were laughing non-stop especially while in the recording studio.. We almost skipped this and forgot it was on our city pass but this is a can’t miss!

’til next time, Seattle!

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It’s been almost two months since my last post.. WHAT. I’m sounding like a broken record but time just escapes me.. It makes me so sad seeing that it’s been that long! With warmer weather coming up though I’m determined to post more!

It’s been pretty nice here lately weather wise.. it’s sunny but it gets WINDY. Like I’ll wear a cozy sweater with sandals or like here an easy dress with a light coat. I’m telling you guys, I love when I can throw this on.. my obsession (pretty sure everyone else’s as well) with white has taken over my life! And there’s no signs of that slowing down..

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Before The Cold


Since we had such nice warm weather here in Utah I busted out the heels and minimal layers. I’m so happy I did since we are now experiencing colder temps again. Call me crazy but I’m just little excited.. this winter is the warmest one I have ever experienced!

Happy hump day!

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Roses & Red

(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)SKIRT | HEELS

I realize it’s been almost a week since Valentine’s Day but Jon is VERY busy so we never have much time for blog pics anymore. BUT, we had brunch to celebrate the holiday on Sunday! He wanted to watch the Allstar three point/dunk contest on Saturday night so that’s what we did with his family! Soo much better than a crowded restaurant if you ask me :) I went all out for love day in a rose printed top and a full red midi. We luckily had a bit of time after our meal to snap these quickly!

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iPhone Diary: Vegas in February

(null)^^Our first stop, obvi(null)(null)^^We’ve never walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and talked about it being at the top of our list next time we go to NY. We checked this fake one off our list haha(null)^^We were so happy we chose to stay down the street from the Strip instead of inside it(null)(null)^^The room had two huge mirrors on either side that lit up.. sorry for all the selfies on it ha(null)(null)COAT | BOOTIE | HAT(null)(null)(null)^^I had talked about this street last time we were in Vegas. It’s my favorite part of the strip now!(null)^^While Jon gambled I took selfies and sipped on some drinks.. Can I LIVE?! hahaha(null)(null)^^My two faves (null)^^Photo via instagram(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)^^We have taken a pic at this photobooth the last few times we have been in Vegas so we kept up the tradition and took some more :)(null)^^On our drive home we stopped by for more burgers

For like 2 days of telling (begging) Jon that we needed a quick getaway, he agreed (he’s pretty easy to convince)! We headed down to Vegas early Saturday morning and made it there in about 5 and a half hours. First order of business was Shake Shack! It may have been reason for the trip but it really does live up to hype guys! We didn’t have much of a plan while we were there so we just lounged around. When we were done eating we checked into our hotel and napped.. Typical us. After that we got ready for the night and Jon gambled for a bit and I just watched.. I find it to be a huge waste of money ha. We also ate a delicious dinner, strolled through the strip, watched the Bellagio fountain show and ate Sprinkles! Jon even got a little lucky at the slots! We were planning on eating a midnight meal (cause, vacay;)) but we thought sleep sounded better haha. The next day we did some shopping and headed home. The whole ride we talked about how it was so nice to get away from reality for even just 48 hours.. We’ve made a promise to get away, just the two of us more.:) 

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So this will be one of the last posts with my long hair! Ten inches less and I’m still getting used to it! I’m loving the change but I admit I’m still doing a double look in the mirror everytime. I had contemplated it for months and finally went for it. I was feeling brave since I have clip in extensions already and I also looked into donating which is helped me finalize my decision!

Hoping you have a great Friday!

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